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The Gold, Silver and Copper powders are actual high luster ultra fine particle metal powders and the Gunmetal is a specially designed proprietary mica formula. The benefit is that these products will not dull your tools, are easy to sand and they have been specifically formulated to be highly oxidation and tarnish resistant.   

These Powders have a multitude of uses. These Metal Powders can be used as a standalone void filler. Thus, transforming any defect in the wood into a sophisticated and elegant focal point. By using with Super Glue (CA) or Epoxy this inexpensive and easy addition will add many times its cost to the finished product. Furthermore; it can be combined with the Synthetic Sand products to add a metal flake look to the solid color synthetic sand.

These items have Unlimited Shelf Life if stored properly. Keep dry and lid closed.

These products DO NOT contain "Hazardous" materials

1 ounce jars

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Metallic Powder is applied just like Synthetic Sand or just mix with Epoxy


First Mate & Synthetic Sand  


Application Guide for Synthetic Sand, Metallic & Glow Powders


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