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3" Pocket Square Rosewood

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 A New Standard for Accuracy, Affordability and Good Looks! After viewing these squares made from solid brass, select rosewood and stainless steel, a friend remarked "These are too beautiful to use!" Our reply was, " They are too accurate and practical not to use!" The wide base of these squares has a solid feel and stability. The permanently etched markings in 1/32 inch on the dull satin finish are very easy to read and appear on both sides. Their accuracy is set to 90 degrees plus or minus 0.001 inch over the length of the blade, inside and outside. Use these squares to set up machinery, check squareness of cabinets or drawers, or for marking stock for joinery. The smaller squares make great pocket tools. These tools are made by an ISO 9000 (a European standard) certified company in India. The best features of these tools, you will agree,are their combination quality and affordability.

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