Badger Safety Spur Drive Center

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With Guard Pulled Back
  1. SAFETY GUARD. The BADGER Safety Spur Center from Big Tree Tools is the only one on the market that has a safety guard. This unique device prevents loose clothing, hair, jewelry, etc. from becoming entangled with the spurs. It also prevents accidentally touching the spurs with any part of your body, or contacting the spurs with a chisel, or the tool rest.

  2. SHARP SPURS. To drive the workpiece with the minimum force from the tailstock, the spurs are designed with a large surface area in the axial plane, parallel to the grain of the wood. The spurs are sharp—as sharp as a chisel—so they readily penetrate the end grain of the wood.

  3. WIDE SPURS. The Big Tree BADGER Safety Spur Center will accommodate a wide range of workpiece diameter—down to 1/2" (13mm). There is no need to own several sizes as with other designs of drive centers having only tiny spurs arranged in a narrow ring.

  4. SPRING LOADED CENTER POINT. The point is engineered to allow over 3/8" (10mm) of travel. This allows easy loading, unloading, reversing end-for-end, or stopping of the workpiece for inspection while the spindle is in motion.

  5. ACCURATE CONCENTRIC CENTER POINT. The BADGER is made to exacting standards of concentricity, ensuring that if you remove the workpiece and replace it, or reverse it end-for-end, the workpiece will return to precise concentricity without fuss, and without fail, every time!

  6. CENTER POINT IS KEYED TO BODY. One factor that is beyond our control is the accuracy of your lathe. If the tapered bore in your lathe spindle is not accurate, then the center point will not run true in spite of #5. But because the center point of the BADGER SAFETY SPUR CENTER is keyed to the body, you can true the center point while installed and running in the spindle, thus achieving greater accuracy than was originally built into your lathe.

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