Barracuda2 T/N Plated Special Edition Lathe Key Chuck System

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Turn in style. With one of the easiest to use, best valued chucks around.
With the 12 piece Barracuda2 T/N Plated Special Edition Lathe Key Chuck System you'll get all the features of our award winning Barracuda2 Lathe Chuck, PLUS additional features that will make this chuck yourfavorite:

  • Body and Jaws are plated with Titanium Nitride for superior durability

  • Chuck and Jaws are "C" series compatible for interchangeability between other PSI chuck bodies and jaws

  • Titanium plated small flat jaws for finishing bowls up to 5" diamater.

  • Titanium plated Super Spur Insert - simplifies converting over to spindle projects

  • Titanium indexing back plate

  • 12 piece system packed complete in a durable black blow molded case

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use with one hand operation: The "T" handle key system makes it much easier to use than the lever, non-key chuck systems.
  • Will give you more turning confidence: Because you only need one hand to tighten the jaws, you can feel more confident and comfortable supporting your work with your free hand.
  • Powerful grip: to hold your work piece securely.
  • Smooth operation & balance: The Barracuda2 system is precision engineered and machined to provide you smooth operation and minimize vibration at almost any lathe speed.
  • Compatible for most woodturning projects: The variety of included jaw sizesandaccessories means the Barracuda2 lathe chuck will mount most turning projects onto your lathe; including bowls, spindles, small turning projects and more.
  • Works with any Mini Lathe, Midi Lathe or Full Sized Lathe.
  • Changing jaws is quick and easy
  • Sturdy storage case for easy handling and organization: The blow molded plastic case will easily store, organize and secure the complete Barracuda2 Lathe Chuck System.
  • Virtually dust free use: the wood chips and dust clear out of the chuck drive gear with ease.

This complete Lathe Chuck system includes:

  1. #2 Jaws (Pre-Mounted)
  2. #1 Jaws
  3. #3 Round Jaws
  4. Pin Jaws
  5. Indexing Attachment
  6. Screw Chuck
  7. Headstock Adapter
  8. Jaw Key
  9. "T" handled Allen Wrench
  10. Small Flat Jaws
  11. 5/8" Super Center
  12. Attractive and durable black blow-molded case

Barracuda2 T/N Plated Special Edition Lathe Key Chuck System Specifications

Specification Description
Type: Key Operated, "C" Style
Compatible Spindle Sizes: 3/4" x 16tpi, 1" x 8tpi
Included Jaws: Pin,#1,#2,#3,Screw Chuck, Small Flat Jaws, 5/8" Super Center, Indexing Back Plate
Pin Jaw Grip: Internal: 1" to 2-1/4"
#1 Step jaw gripping: External: 3/32" to 1-3/8",Yes, Internal: 11/16" to 2-3/8",Yes
#2 Standard Jaw gripping: External: 1-1/2" to 2-5/8 " , Internal: 2" to 3-3/8",Yes
#3 Large Round Jaw Gripping: External: 3-1/16" to 4-3/8
Large Flat Jaw Gripping: External: up to 8" - Optional
Small Flat Gripping: External up to 5" - Included
Category: Barracuda 4 Jaw Chucks

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