Cigar Pen Deluxe Kits (Ultra)

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Just like the regular Cigar kits; this is a very very attractive heavy pen. This has been a staple in the pen world for decades but now with a few new twists. First its finish is done in attractive 2-tone combinations. The clip , band nib ring and cap have much finer detail and embellishment.. It's larger size is often favored by those with arthritis. It is easy to make and is an excellent gift item. Accepts the high quality Parker type ball point ink refill.

Takes the same Tubes & Bushings as the regular Cigar Pen

Specification Description
Finish: Rhodium
Tubes: 2
Drill Bit: 10 mm
Skill Level: Easy
Refill Type: Parker
Compatible Tube Sizes: 10mm
Barrel Trimmer: #4319 or #4318


Drills 10mm

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