Kunz Plus No. 3 Smoothing Plane

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Kunz's Plus line of bench planes brings meticulous German design and craftsmanship that is sure to excite the hand tool enthusiast. Made from durable stress-annealed cast iron, the soles and sides of these planes are precisely milled to be flat and square. But what really sets them apart from other planes is the blade adjuster design based on the prized Norris A style planes. Using a single post with two sets of threads that are housed through two barrel-style nuts, this single post smoothly controls both the depth of cut and the lateral position of the iron. An adjustable frog with a fine adjustment screw lets you close the throat opening for reducing tear out on problem woods. The 1/8" thick polished iron is hardened & tempered to Rc60-62. All surfaces of the chip breaker and cap iron are finely machined for reducing blade chatter and chip jams. The comfortable rear handle and low-profile front knob are made from European cherry. Blade adjuster knob & lever cap screw are polished brass.

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