Hock Krenov-style Plane Kit

Hock Krenov-style Plane Kit

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  • Krenov-style Plane Kit

    Our precision made kit provides a quick, sure way to realize the satisfaction of using a handmade wooden plane. Complete with a HOCK PLANE-IRON ASSEMBLY all you need is a drill, some clamps, glue, a knife to adjust the throat, sandpaper (or plane) to true the sole, and a means of sharpening the iron. A HOCK kit is ideal for the novice as well as the professional woodworker who can't find the time to make a plane (or another one or two...) Our design is a basic Krenov-style, flat-bottom wooden plane -- simple and elegant. We accurately mill Bubinga or Jatoba (bubinga is now listed as a threatened species by CITES so we're switching to Jatoba as the supply dwindles*)  for the body parts to eliminate the need for an additional sole plate.

  • 1 1/2" Iron Width x 11" Finished Length

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