Stick Fast CA Wood Finish Kit

Stick Fast CA Wood Finish Kit

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New CA Wood Finish Formulation

CA Wood Finish

Key Features:

  • Extended application time of up to 60 seconds
  • Slightly flexible for an extremely tough and durable finish that polishes to a glass like surface.
  • Ideal for pen finishing and can be used for larger projects
  • Two viscosities:
    • Thin 20 cps for first coat application allowing CA to absorb into the wood to help stabilize and keep from future cracking. 
    • Medium: 100 cps for multiple coats with quick build up yet thin enough to be leveling, reducing the ridges during application.
  • Aerosol CA Activator for quick cure between coats
  • Little or no sanding between coats
  • 4.6oz

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