Foredom #25 HANDPIECE 2 COLLETS 1/8" & 1/4" H.25h -Square Drive

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Foredom Fordom H.25H handpeice hand peice

H.25H with 2 COLLETS 1/8" & 1/4"

Foredom’s H.25H is a Precision Handpiece made for continuous production work. It has double shielded ball bearings and a heavier duty housing than our regular interchangeable handpieces. 

Heavy Duty and Precision Operation. 

- H.25H is a collet type with a Square Drive handpiece with larger, permanently lubricated and shielded ball bearings for cool running and continuous use.
- Has positive locking mechanism (locking ring) for use with Series SRH, TXH, LXH and discontinued H motors.

Handpiece comes 2 Collets, a 1/8" - 3.18mm Size (installed) and 1/4" - 6.35mm collet, and pin and wrench for changing collets and accessories.

Note: Other fractional and metric collets are available separately as well as a Collet Set HP103000 - 

Specifications:  FOREDOM # H.25.H

- Pre-Lubricated double shielded ball bearings that do not require maintenance.
- The H.25H comes installed with a1/8" and interchangeable 1/4" collet.
- Pin and Wrench (HP103117) for changing collets and accessories. 

Handpiece Dimensions:
- Length: 6-1/8"
- Body Diameter: 1-1/32" 
- Weight: 11.35oz.

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