Class: Friday August 30th- Jimmy Clewes Tri Cornered Box - Option 1

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Friday August 30th 2019  9am-5pm 




Tri Cornered Box 

 Option 1

In this class you will  turn a Mahogany Tri cornered box with contrasting lid and time permitting you will also turn an Ash Square Oriental Lidded Box.  Both of these projects require a lot of "air Turning. These techniques are very exciting and interesting to learn. These techniques will will stick with you a lifetime and allow you to turn any wood piece into a true work of art. This piece will be a treasured part of your turning collection.
If time allows: you will also turn 

Lidded box with brass and exotic inlay or Arabic Box w/ Finial

For the  Lidded Box then you will install an exotic wood insert and use wire to inlay in the insert to make this boxa truly one of a kind piece.or you can also turn an Arabic Style Lidded Box with Finial.

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