Hampshire Sheen - Embellishing Wax Sample Box - 8 colors - 30 grams ea. - NO HIGH GLOSS WAX FINISH JUST COLORS

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This new sample set of waxes are perfect for Christmas presents! I get asked a lot for sample pots, so I’ve bent to user demand! This set comes with 30g each of the Eight Colored embellishing waxes. (Box image is a mock-up of the actual box)

Hampshire Sheen embellishing waxes are ideal for enhancing open grained decorative items from woods such as Oak or Ash or woods with added texture. They work brilliantly in combination with the Intrinsic Colour Collection and this set of 8 waxes is perfect for experimenting with.

Colors included are:






Electric Blue

Electric Green

Electric Purple


Included in this set are eight 30g pots of embellishing waxes. Each pot should embellish at least three 8” ash bowls with the wax rubbed into the grain.


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