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Primus Smooth Plane 704 P - by E.C. Emmerich

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Primus 704P

  • This is an outstanding smoothing plane made by the fifth-generation German toolmaker E.C. Emmerich. This is the premium version of the excellent No.704, built with better wood: the No.704-P features a Hornbeam wood body with a Lignum Vitae wood sole bonded together using ECE's patented glue joint. This is a wonderfully performing plane that leaves a fine smooth surface on the wood. The Lignum Vitae sole is extremely wear-resistant, and the wood self-lubricates, forming a slick surface which glides easily over the work-piece. The No.704-P is ergonomically designed for ease of use for the Right-Handed woodworker: the front "horn" handle is mounted at an angle.  ECE planes are ready to use out of the box. A slight additional honing of the blade will improve it.

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