Robust Woodturning Tools - Tool Rests 1" Tool Post - Comfort Rest

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 Robust tool rests of the finest design as well as materials available today.  Robust tool rests are fabricated from powder coated steel and have proprietary hardened steel rod as the tool rest surface and it provides the smoothest surface for the tool to glide and it will never ding, nick or need filing.  Your tools will glide effortlessly across this tool rest.

Robust Comfort Rests earned their name because your hand fits comfortably in the radius of the rest, whether you use an overhand or underhand grip.

You can drop the handle of your tools at a angle greater than 45 degrees for shear scraping and skew cutting action.

4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 widths are available in sizes to fit most 16-25" lathes.


Standard Length: If you have a 16” lathe with 1” diameter post, such as the Robust Liberty, Robust Sweet 16, Robust Independence, Delta, General, Jet  or Rikon, these rests will probably fit:

NOTE: Only the Low Profile style rests or the 9” J-rest will fit the Oneway 1640
NOTE: 16” and 18” Grizzly, Laguna and similar imported lathes use 25mm posts, which are slightly smaller than 1”.  25mm posts are available special order.

Long Posts:   If you have a 20, 24 or 25” lathe such as the Robust American Beauty, Powermatic 3520 or 4224, Oneway 24”, Vicmarc VL 300 from Craft Supplies USA, General 20”, Rikon 20”, Woodfast 20”


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