The Gisi Segmenting Technique with Mark Gisi Part 1 & Part 2 - 2 DVD Set

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This two DVD set has both part 1 and part 2 of Mark Gisi's segmenting technique instruction.
From the back of the box:
Welcome to Mark's shop. With this 2-disc set, you'll learn Mark's segmenting techniques in The Gisi Segmenting Technique with Mark Gisi and then expand on your learning with The Gisi Segmenting Technique Part 2: The Pool Cue Pen. Both project videos use pen turning as a vehicle to teach you unique methods that you can apply to any turned items. Between the two DVDs, you will have access to over 4.75 hours of instruction, helpful featurettes, and commentaries and interviews with Mark and Brian Gisi.

So enjoy this DVD set as you learn the Gisi Segmenting Techniques.

DVD Features:
Main Programs - 226 minutes total
Interviews and commentaries - 21 minutes total
Featurettes and additional instruction - 46 minutes total
Equipment and materials lists.

More on Part 1: Making A Segmented Cigar Pen
Welcome to Mark's shop. In this video, Mark will teach you the technique that he has developed over the last 15 years for segmenting pens and other turned-wood items.
Starting with material selection, Mark will take you through the entire process of creating one of his signature pens with techniques that can be applied to anything from pens to pepper mills to flatware and anything in between.

This video also contains a never-before-seen interview with Mark and his son Brian, on their start in segmenting, the development of their material selection, and the teaching of turning for the next generation.

DVD Features:
Main Program - 115 minutes
Interview with Mark and Brian Gisi - 14 minutes
Helpful featurettes - 11 minutes total
Equipment and materials list.

More on Part 2: The Pool Cue Pen
Welcome back to Mark's shop. In this video, Mark will teach you the technique for a pen that does not use a pen kit: the pool cue pen. Building on the techniques learned in the first Gisi Segmenting Technique DVD, you will learn to build a new kind of segmented blank that not only applies to this pen, but can also be applied to any turned items. In addition to the wood and Gisi Accent Strips used in the last DVD, you will add acrylic to this project. In fact, by way of introduction to acrylic turning, Mark gives an entire lesson on acrylic bottle stop turning in the DVD extras.

So enjoy this DVD as you learn the next Gisi Segmenting Technique.

DVD Features:
Main Program - 111 minutes
Mark's thoughts on the project - 7 minutes
Introduction to turning acrylic - 34 minutes
Assembling a wedge sanding guide
Equipment and materials lists.

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