Class: Sun. Sept. 1st 2019 - Jimmy Clewes Colored, Textured and or Scorched and Filled Platter and Tool Handle - Option 1

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Saturday September 2, 2017 9am-5pm 



Colored, Textured and or Scorched Platter

 Option 1

In this class you will  turn an Ash Platter. You will not only learn to turn an Ash Platter but you will also learn dyeing  techniques as well as how to scorch and then fill grain with Jimmy Clewes Cream Filler. The textured platter will include power carving techniques.These techniques will allow you to turn any open grained wood piece into a true work of art. This piece will be a treasured part of your turning collection. You will make one of the 3 platters pictured.

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