Tormek TOR-BCT4 Wet Grinder Tool and Knife Sharpening System

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Tormek TOR-BCT4 Wet Grinder Tool and Knife Sharpening System 

Whether you are sharpening tools, hunting knives, arrowheads, axes, or anything else, your Tormek T4 water cooled wet sharpening system will serve you well for years to come. 

This is a complete sharpening system, with an 8” water-cooled grinding wheel, the leather stropping wheel (for honing and polishing your edge to 6000-plus grit), the WM-200 Angle Master, PA-70 Honing Compound, user’s manual, SP-650 Stone Grader for changing stone grit from 220 to 1000, Universal Support with micro adjust scale, and Tormek instructional DVD. 

The best part is the operation, and repeat-ability. The wheel turns steadily at 120 RPM, which is perfect for sharpening precision edges, without generating damaging heat. Sharpen 1 piece or 100 – the results are the same throughout your entire run. Knives, axes, scissors, chisels, plane irons, lathe turning tools, carving and gouging tools, wood turning tools, and almost any other kind of edged tool can be sharpened. Pick one up today, and be set for a lifetime of sharpening.

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