Tuck in 240 Professional Folding Kataba Saw TUCKIN with extra Fine Blade 240 mm - Carpentry & Cabinet Making

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Tuck in 240 Fine Z-saw

Large Folding Kataba Saw TUCKIN with extra fine Blade 240 mm

This saw has a thinner and wider blade with smaller teeth than its brother. These facts makes this saw ideal for all fine carpentry and cabinetmaking tasks. The ergonomically formed aluminum grip is covered in a soft insulating plastic for comfortable work, especially on cold job sites where frozen fingers can be a problem with metal tools. Another Advantage: The teeth are cut and set to a happy medium allowing cross, miter and rip cuts: that and the fact that it folds down into a compact little package with the blade shielded makes this a real space saver in any woodworker's travel kit. 

Made in Japan by Z-Saw. 


Tuck in 240 Fine tooth locking 2 position. Z-saw 

The blade locks in two positions, which can ease access to tight or awkward corners.


Description Blade
Kerf Pitch
Tuckin fine 240 mm 41 mm 0.7 mm 0.95 mm 1.75 mm (14.5 TPI)



                   Extra Blade

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