Diamond Burr Set - 3/32" (2.5mm) Shank - Medium 100 Grit - 30 pc - Promax #24-06075

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Diamond Burr Set - 30 pc 3/32" (2.5mm) Shank - Medium 100 Grit - Promax

You will be able to creat unbelievable details on your project with these diamond tip burrs. These have been long used by jewelers and metalworkers alike and now woodworkers and woodcarvers are beginning to use them on there works of art. These bits offer fast but controlled cutting action.  These burrs are ratet as Medium and have a coarseness of approx. 100 grit.

  • 3/32" shank (2.5mm)

  • Max RPM: 30,000 

  • Good for ceramics, tile , glass, wood, fiberglass

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