Files & Rasps

Files & Rasps

Here you will find a plethora of Files and Rasps to help you shape wood, plastics and metals.

We carry files from such top rated manufacturers as Bludan (of Austria) and Pferd (of Germany). In addition we carry some Hand Stiched Rasps for the connoisseur woodworker.


What is a Hand Stiched Rasp and What are the benefits?

The goal is to obtain a rasp with thousands of teeth, hand-stitched one by one using home-made hammers and punches, providing a surface that will bite into wood, stone, resin, plastics, etc. that will bring comfort in the use and provide an incomparable surface finish. By having a seemingly random alignment or placement of teeth makes leaving lines, furrows or gouges in the worked surface 099almost impossible.

Hand Stiched File Closeup

Care and Cleaning: To clean use a natural fiber brush & Camellia oil or WD40. Keep files and Rasps separated from each other and other tools to prevent damage to the teeth.