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These products are often referred to as gilt creams and are often used to restore the gilding on picture frames and the like. In the woodturning community they are often used more like a grain filler providing a surface embellishment to turned pieces. These products have been in the works for over a year and were designed and endorsed by world renowned Woodturner Jimmy Clewes. 

The Metallic colors utilize real metallic and mica pigments. By using these pigments it makes for brighter long-lasting colors. These pigments all have excellent light fastness properties. While using these products you will notice that they emit a relaxing and enjoyable vanilla aroma.  The silky smooth texture of these creams make them easy to apply and easy to buff off. While they have long been used as a solid one color grain filler you can also apply multiple colors to the same piece of work and get a truly unique look.

The Solid Colors are semi transparent and can be used by themselves (for  a more pastel look) or in conjunction with the Metallic Colors. For the most vibrant colors first apply a metallic cream and then put a solid color over top.Your imagination is the only limiting factor. If you do not like a particular color combination just use a rag soaked in Danish Oil and buff and it will remove the filler and you can start again.

These products are fast drying and are compatible with most top coats. We recommend several coats Deft Sanding Sealer followed by Deft Lacquer (sheen of your choice).

These products DO NOT contain "Hazardous" materials and thus can be shipped USPS, UPS Air or Ground. They can be brought back to life by simply adding a small amount of Mineral Spirits and mixing.




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Typical uses

To accent the woods natural open grain prior to finishing. For best results use on open grain woods such as Ash or Oak.

Method of application




1.5 fl oz (45 ml) approximately 30 sq ft


Use under most products; care should be taken when using under solvent based finishes


Ensure wood is clean and dry before use. All colors can be intermixed or thinned.


Mineral Spirits


Non Flammable (see Safety Data Sheet) 


These are the second generation products and are non flammable and thus can be shipped USPS or UPS. 

SDS Sheet

Metallic & Solid Color Cream Filler Instruction Sheet 


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