Jimmy Clewes Mega Mate (Un-Handled)

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Jimmy Clewes

Mega Mate #2

New ! Mega mate

I have been asked by many turners to produce a Tool like the Mate #1 and #2 but one which has the stability and capability to hollow deeper vessels.

The NEW MEGA MATE #2 is the same basic design but a much larger tool than the Mate #1 or #2 with a lot more integrity !

The bar is 5/8 square section , with a turned round 5/8 tang. ( Look at the Diagram and info below )Beautifully machined with a chemical black glossy finish to the bar. The tool will fit directly into a 5/8 Quick release unit or into any of the many available handles with set screws with a 5/8 hole.It features an 8mm cutter allowing rapid removal of wood with great control.

The bar including tang is 11 ½ inches long allowing the turner to hollow deeper.

As with the Mate# 1 and #2 the cutter this tool can be used to hollow end grain , long grain , wet or dry wood and will resist “self- feeding “ unlike traditional scrapers.

Ideal for hollowing deeper Bowls!


Features and benefits:

No Grinding of the Tool

No Lapping of the Tool

Each New cutter is Sharpened and ready for use

Cutter life far greater than HSS ( 25 to 30 times )

Tools are manufactured in the USA.

The Bar is aluminum oxide coated to help prevent rust and corrosion.

New cutters, torx screws and wrenches readily available and reasonably priced.

Care and maintenance instructions included with each Tool.



Approximate length: Tool Bar is 11.5 " with a 5/8" shank 

5/8" (w) x 5/8" (t) approx  

These tools are of a new design and will work with a Quick Release as the edges of the tang are rounded. 

Requires a 5/8" Handle, Handle Adapter  or Jimmy Clewes Quick Release if you are going to make your own handle.

Jimmy Clewes Handle Adapters

or Thompson Handle Adapters



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