Templar Tool Werke - Mega Carbide Spindle Tool

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Templar Tool Werke - Mega Carbide Spindle Tool


This NEW Carbide Spindle tool is the same basic design as most carbide tools on the market but it has a much thicker toolbar than most, thus reducing vibration and making for more enjoyable turning and  smoother cut. 

The bar is 5/8" square and 11 3/4" long , with a turned round 5/8 tang. This allows the tool to fit directly into a 5/8 Quick Release, Handle Adapter, or into any of the many available  interchangeable handles with a 5/8 hole.

  • The bar is fully machined and finished with a beautiful Black Oxide coating all done here in the USA. 

  • The bar including tang is 11 3/4 inches long

  • Uses a standard 15mm Square Radius Carbide Cutter (Provided with an R4 Cutter and Screw)

  • Cutter fully supported by the bar.



    Overall length: 11 3/4"

    Carbide Cutter: Standard 15mm Square Radius

    (Comes with an R4 Cutter)

    Bar Size : 5/8"x5/8"


    Fits in all 5/8" bore Handles


    Tool Handle Not Included

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