18" Long - 7/16" / 11mm - Standard Spur Auger

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7/16" 11mm 18" long Woodowl Auger Bit

18" Long - 7/16" / 11mm - Standard Spur Auger #02804

Made In Japan

The WoodOwl 7/16" 11mm diameter x 18" long Single Spur Power Auger Bit is the industry standard for fast boring of clean holes in wood and nail-embedded wood. Constructed of high-grade carbon steel, which is heat-treated and fully hardened, WoodOwl Auger Bits are stay sharp and hold up cut after cut.

  • Precision grinding and heat-treat processes enable the end user to cut nails and other materials encountered in the work without damage to the cutting edge.
  • Safer than other single-spur auger bits because the consistent hardening and concentricity along the length of the bit keeps it in line without forcing the user to compensate for "walk".
  • 7/16" shank with the quick-change power groove makes for easy bit changeover.
  • Perfectly concentric design, which is guaranteed through the tightly-controled heat-treat and hardening processes, means that the hole cut will be exactly true to the diameter of the bit.

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