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Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.
Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.

Frequently Asked Knife Questions


  • Are your blades heat treated, tempered and ready to use? 

Yes. All our blades are: Sharpened, Heat Treated / Tempered and are ready to have handles installed.


  • What if the holes in the blade are a little bit larger than the pins I want to use? 

You can use a little bit smaller pin diameter than the hole in the blade because the epoxy will fill the rest of the hole.


  • Why are the pin holes slightly smaller than the rod size?

This occurs when blanks are made overseas sometimes they use metric drill bits and most rods are manufactured in the USA to the Imperial scale.


  • What type of adhesive should I use?

We recommend a 2-part epoxy. Typically, 5-minute epoxy is used but we are recommending letting it sit for at least several hours before beginning to work the scales. If time is not an issue, a longer cure time epoxy can be used and let sit overnight.


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