Oneway Talon Chuck #2 Smooth Dovetail Jaws

Oneway Talon Chuck #2 Smooth Dovetail Jaws

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The No. 2 Patented Profiled Jaws (shown right-top) come standard on all our chucks. They have the mass and size necessary for medium sized bowls and vases. Oneway's patented profiled jaw configuration providemaximum gripping power with minimal damage to the piece.

Smooth Jaws (Dovetail Jaws)

These jaws have the same capacities as the standard #2 Jaws (and are offered at the same price). The inside and outside surface of the jaws is smooth. They are designed (and recommended) for light cutting applications. These jaws will not mark your work as much as the standard #2 Jaws, but will NOT grip with the same power either.

Smooth or Profiled?

There are advantages to both types of jaws, however, we recommend our patented profiled jaws as explained below:

  • At design diameter (Fig. 1) the smooth design and profile jaws grip equally well. However, at this specific diameter the smooth jaws have an advantage due to slightly less wood damage.
  • As soon as you grip something which is not at the design diameter (Fig. 2), the profile jaws grip much better as they are holding on with more surface area. Smooth jaws contact only a small area which diminishes as the diameter increases, and conversely increases wood damage.
  • Profile jaws also give the turner the flexibility of gripping square stock (Fig. 3), which we do not recommend doing if using smooth jaws.







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