Alder - Knotty  CC 1/4" MDF Core Bead Board 1.5 OC

Alder - Knotty CC 1/4" MDF Core Bead Board 1.5 OC

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Alder Clear CC 1/4" Bead Board 1.5 OC

The look of fine tongue and groove woodwork with the installation ease of a plywood sheet.

C Grade: Our rustic grade (C) provides the most concentrated level of natural characteristics within the Columbia Alder offering.

That's the beauty behind Columbia Forest Products' Beaded Panels. But check the surface and you'll find the lasting beauty of Columbia hardwood veneers, and that's no illusion. Beaded Panels can be used for wall paneling, wainscoting, cabinet doors and cabinet backers or anywhere you wish to replicate the tongue and groove appearance of fine woodwork.

MDF substrate provides superior results.  Imported veneer core is available for 1/4" thickness but does not groove as precisely as the MDF product, as it has a higher degree of thickness and color variation that can cause variation in the appearance of either the groove or the bead.

Available with grain running lengthwise only.

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