CBN Wheels - Standard

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CBN Wheels - Standard


What is CBN?—Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a synthetic chemical compound made up of boron and nitrogen atoms in a one-to-one ratio. It exists as a cubic crystal lattice, with its atoms arranged in a symmetrical, cube-shaped structure like the crystalline structure of diamond. Its material properties include extreme hardness, stability under heat, and superior chemical resistance. Cubic boron nitride is the second-hardest known material after diamond, making it useful in a wide variety of industrial applications, where it is often used as an abrasive or cutting tool.

The heat resistance of CBN is quite high. Diamond begins to decompose to carbon dioxide in air at around 1,472°F (about 800°C), whereas cubic boron nitride is stable in air up to about 2,552°F (about 1,400°C). In industrial grinding applications and other processes where intense heat is generated, CBN is preferred over diamond.


Standard Wheel :                          

8" Wheel Width 1.5"                         

1/4 inch radius                             

80, 180 or 220 Grit                                        

If purchased as a pair: $249.95 

Disclaimer on CBN grinding wheels:

Please be advised that due to the width of these wheels in most cases the guards of your grinder may have to be removed. As long as the wheels are properly used as intended this should not cause any problems as they are machined from one solid piece of 6061 aluminum. KJR Distributing LLC dba Wood Turning Wonders assumes no risk of usage of these wheels and shall not be liable for any damages whether direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential arising out of in connection with the use of or in connection with these products.
Enter CBN or Cubic Boron Nitride grinding wheels. They are electroplated, nickel coated, and balanced. Why? Electroplated offers many advantages over other applications. It creates a more aggressive bond over other applications and will hold a form longer. It also performs a higher stock removal rate and will last for years. These are designed for sharpening high speed steels only and should not be used for other applications. A unique feature of both the 80 and 180 grit wheel is the 1/4 inch radius on the left and right side of the wheel. The radius makes it easy to grind small1/4 inch hollowing bits and round scrapers. This eliminates problems of having to rotate a tool by the handle (in the case of scrapers) and end up over grinding the tip. This is a very handy feature and you can hold the small bits and not burn your fingers. You won't find a better wheel at these incredible prices. Money back guarantee.  The wheels have a 1.5 inch face so they are easy to use and work excellent with the Wolverine sharpening system. The 180 grit wheel puts almost a mirror finish on your edges and makes them "scary sharp."
The 80 grit wheel whips your tools into the profile you want and you can even finish grind your tools with it as well as raise a burr for your scrapers.  You won't find a better wheel at these incredible prices.

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