Doctor's Workshop Pens Plus: Friction Polish 8 oz.

Doctor's Workshop Pens Plus: Friction Polish 8 oz.

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Doctor's Workshop Pens Plus Friction Polish

8 or 16 oz.

 Brilliant synthetic wax and shellac shine

♦ Increased finger print resistance

♦ Great for pens, peppermills, pizza cutters

♦ Fast one-step friction polish finish

 16 oz bottle


Doctor’s Woodshop PENS PLUS is a Walnut oil and shellac friction polish combined with microaggregated microcrystal wax (Cosmolloid 80H).  The microaggregation process produces wax particles so small they behave like a liquid.

The heat of friction polishing drives the oil into the wood, sets the shellac and melts the wax, allowing it to flow over the surface of the wood producing a high luster shine. The microcrystal wax topcoat has superior light transmission which translates to a brighter shine and greater water resistance.  

Available in 8 or 16 oz sizes.

Doctor’s Woodshop PENS PLUS  is an excellent choice for finishing pens, pepper mills  or other projects that will receive incidental water contact that need a hard, durable finish.  


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