Economy - 8.25" Camp Knife Full Tang Damascus Blade Blank w/Bolster

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Camp Knife.

Economy - 8.25" Camp Knife -FULL TANG DAMASCUS BLADE with Bolster

This 8.25" Camp Knife is a Damascus blank that will make a super skinning, butchering or all around kitchen knife. The Full Tang, Damascus Bolster and the thickness of this blank make it as strong as it is sharp looking. This is a true utility knife for the hunter or camper. 

These blanks are full length Damascus (Not the cheap etched blades that many people are passing off as genuine Damascus blades. These blades have a high carbon core then over 250 layers of folded carbon steel with a high nickle content on top. These blanks will sharpen and hold an edge like mad. We recommend washing and drying after use and then placing a couple of drops of oil to prevent rusting (Food Safe Oil recommended). The Nickle makes for a high contrast between layers. You can bring out the contrast in areas that were not dipped (Gray areas - end of handle) with a mild acid mixture or by leaving it sit in a coke for 3-4 hours. Be sure to neutralize the acid, clean and oil before using. Do not try this until you read more about etching process on the front page of under Etching Damascus in the menu on the left of the page.

Country of Origin: Pakistan


    • 8.25" OVERALL LENGTH
    • 4.5" BLADE LENGTH  
    • Damascus BOLSTER

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