EWT Easy Hollower #2 - Mid-Size

EWT Easy Hollower #2 - Mid-Size

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Mid-Size Easy Hollower #2



Easy Hollowers

Best tool for under-cutting hollow forms 

The Easy Hollower was designed to offer a revolutionary new approach to turning hollow forms. These Patent Pending tools allow any skill level to achieve professional results for hollowing work with minimum effort and worry.

  • Choose a Hollower for undercutting the rim of hollow forms
  • Utilizes our proven round carbide cutters
  • The True Curve Neck is designed to access the most difficult hollow form shapes
  • Simply use flat and level for all cuts
  • The proprietary Super Wide Tool Bar provides stable tool rest contact and offers support in line with the cutting edge eliminating all rotational forces

Replacement carbide cutter number is engraved right on the tool bar.
Available in four sizes - see purchase page for all products, sizes and accessories.

Technical Info

The Hollower tools are 100% CNC machined on all surfaces, except the bottom, from solid stainless steel plate (not bent round bar).

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