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Not Only Is August Hot But Its Busy Too. We got tons of new stuff coming in every week. Check out New Arrivals We will Closed Monday September 6th 2021.
Not Only Is August Hot But Its Busy Too. We got tons of new stuff coming in every week. Check out New Arrivals We will Closed Monday September 6th 2021.

EWT Rougher Ci1 Full-Size

SKU 4729

Full-Size Easy Rougher


Tool bar size x length - 1/2" x 8 1/2" 
Handle length - 16"

ci1_detail2The Easy Rougher is a carbide cutter woodturning tool that addresses fatigue, safety, and efficiency like no other type of tool on the market. Designed to be kept flat on the tool rest and level to the floor, the Easy Rougher will effortlessly hog away massive amounts of material for any woodturning process without the need for sharpening. The tool design provides support directly beneath the cutting edge transferring the cutting pressure downward allowing the lathe to "take the pounding" that you would normally suffer through when using a conventional bowl gouge for roughing. No more ‘white knuckling’ a bowl gouge.

  • Cuts left, right and straight in without changing approach angle
  • Truly deeper cuts – up to 1" off the diameter in one pass with the Full Size Rougher.
  • Requires very little physical strength or exertion
  • Your feet and hips stay in nearly the same position for the blank roughing process.
  • Very minimal handle bouncing on irregular shaped blanks
  • Reduced kick-back or sucking into work piece
  • Available Chip Deflector keeps most projectiles away from the face and neck
  • No intimidating cutting angles to learn and remember
  • No bevels to ride
  • No fear of a dangerous catch

ci1_detail23The Full Size Rougher accepts 3 different cutters: 
Ci1-R2, Ci1-R4, or the Ci1-Square.

The Mini and Mid-Size Easy Rougher accepts 2 different cutters: 
Ci2-R2 or the Ci2-Square.

ci1_detail1The crowned, R2 and R4, cutters excel at spindle roughing and finishing and working inside bowls. 
Choose the square cutter for cutting square shoulders such as tenons on bowls and spindle work. 
For maximum efficiency, have a tool for each cutter. The Easy Rougher tool bars are CNC machined from solid stainless steel bar stock.

Replacement carbide cutter number is engraved right on the tool bar. 
Available in four sizes – see purchase page for all products, sizes and accessories.


Carbide Cutters

These carbide cutters have four sharp sides. 
For the Full Size Rougher:


For the Mini and Mid Size Rougher: 
Ci2-Square and Ci2-R2 Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters are available.

Replacement Carbide Cutter Number is engraved right on the tool bar.


Lexan® Chip Deflector


The Easy Rougher is capable of plunge cuts similar to using a giant parting tool. This type of cut sends massive amounts of material straight back at the operator. You will not regret having this deflector in place for those cuts.



  • Not a substitute for proper eye protection.
  • Deflector was designed to be looked over rather than through.
  • The Easy Rougher tools produce large volumes of shavings like no other tool you have ever experienced.
  • Available in two sizes - See purchase page for available sizes.

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