German Back Saw - Rip Cut - 10 tpi - 12" long

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 German Back Saw Rip-cut

German Back Saw - Rip Cut - 10 tpi - 12" long

Professional German Saws:

Manufactured by one of Germany's oldest saw makers, these saws offer great Performance at a reasonable price. Quality German Steel Blades with diamond sharpened and precision set teeth. Comfortable and durable European Beech handles.The Hand Saws, Back Saws and Floor Board Saws have impulse hardened teeth that will stay sharp vastly longer than regular saws although in return they cannot be re-sharpened. Importantly, the hand and back saws are available with cross-cut or rip-cut teeth patterns so you can pick the best saw for the task at hand. The Dovetail Saws provide excellent control and have a universal tooth pattern that works equally well for cross-cut or rip-cut applications. Made in Germany



  • 12" Blade
  • 10 teeth per inch
  • Depth of Cut: 3 1/4"
  • Kerf: 0.055"

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