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Not Only Is August Hot But Its Busy Too. We got tons of new stuff coming in every week. Check out New Arrivals We will Closed Monday September 6th 2021.
Not Only Is August Hot But Its Busy Too. We got tons of new stuff coming in every week. Check out New Arrivals We will Closed Monday September 6th 2021.

Hampshire Sheen - Intrinsic Color 15ml Sample Set - 12 Colors

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belonging naturally; essential.
“access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life”

What is the Intrinsic Colour Collection? A set of 12 shades of atmospheric colour, 9 of which are shades unique to this set of colours.

Being water based, they are non-flammable, environmentally friendly and afford you a longer working time than alcohol based stains and dyes. They sink deeply into the wood and preserve the appearance of the figure in the wood, releasing the hidden subtleties and enhancing chatoyance. Apply more than one coat of dye to build up sumptuous depth of colour and atmosphere, and add a black or earth undercoat for an even more dramatic effect. The downloadable video guide goes into depth about using the colours in a variety of techniques.

For the adventurous colourist, Intrinsic Colours can be mixed together to create even more shades or thinned with water for a lighter shade.

Presentation: Professional presentation is important, and like Hampshire Sheen, the range has been designed to present it as a professional quality product.

It is important these days for an independent product to stand out from its more established competitors.

The sets of 15ml and 150ml bottles come in their own boxes with wipe-clean labels so the colour name can always be visible, a printed guide to Martin’s colouring technique, going over the important points of how to apply the Intrinsic Colour range. There is also a handy guide for colourblind woodturners and woodworkers wishing to use the colours to their work. See below for this information, too. The 150ml also comes with a ve

The sets are a brilliant and affordable way for woodturners and woodworkers  to try the dyes out before taking the plunge with individual colours or the complete boxed set.

Lightfast? No colour is 100% lightfast. They will all fade in time. The pigment manufacturer has given me assurance that they are light fast for at least as long as a normal household paint. To increase the lifetime of the colours, keep finished pieces out of direct sunlight and consider using a UV filtered finishing oil underneath the final finish as an additional layer of protection.

The Colours: See the Instagram gallery below of photos tagged #intrinsiccolours or #intrinsiccolour for examples of completed work by others. Whilst they have pretty descriptive names, to colourblind people, they won’t mean much. After speaking to couple of colourblind woodturners, I’m pleased to say that there will be a detailed guide of what each colour is in each product in the range, ensuring that everyone can use the colours successfully.


Whats Included:

Supply Pack: 1 Boxed set of twelve 150ml bottled water based colours.

Black: In several coats you can build up a deep, pure black shade, Burnt Orange: A dark orange, on the orangey side of brown, Earth: A warm brown, the colour of drying mud. Sounds bad, but makes a great undercoat or accent colour, Flame: A bright yellow-orange. Add luxurious fire by blending with Burnt Orange and Ruby, Forest Green: Rich green, quite dark, a lot like Jade. A great accent colour and blends well with Straw and Honey, Honey: A glorious yellow. Superb as a bold single colour or a ‘wash’ overcoat, Midnight Blue: Deep blue with hint of purple. Add to quilted figure and catch the purple glint as you turn the piece, Plum: Sumptuous Purple. Looks quite Royal, lending an air of expense to your work, Ruby: Darkish red, Ruby adds a deep and opulent shade which blends superbly with Burnt Orange, Stone Blue: A fairly bright blue. Mixes magnificently with Midnight Blue, Straw: A rich yellowy-green. Almost grasslike, one of the brightest colours and mixes well with Stone Blue to create a luxury green, White: A pure white dye perfect for white-washing your work or turning the rest of the colours into lighter, more pastel shades. Please note that this dye will not colour your workpiece white, it is not a paint and should be used as a wash.

Twelve shades of colour developed and mixed by Martin Saban-Smith available here in 150ml bottles. Each set comes with a handy full colour colouring guide of the technique Martin uses to colour his work, his preferred 3M pad for cutting back sanding sealer. The colouring guide also includes descriptions of each colour to assist colourblind woodworkers in the blend decisions.


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