Heavy Duty One-Man Saw Case - Heavy Duty Leather Fits 32-36" saws

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 Our Heavy Duty One-Man Saw Case is designed to accommodate most 32-36" one man cross cut saws. These cases are made by experienced saddle makers from 1/8" thick heavy duty leather. The scabbard has been carefully stitched ( with leather spacers for stitching protection) and riveted for longevity. The scabbard has 6 closures with snaps  allowing it to opens across the top for insertion and removal of the saw. The case also has a accessory pocket with snap closure as well.

Opening at widest point: 7.25"

Opening at narrowest point: 3.75"

Overall length 37"


We have had some issues with the snap set on these wonderful scabbards and as such we are reducing the price by 30%. The issue is that whoever set the snaps didn’t set them hard enough. We also will have extra snaps for sale or they can easily be bough elsewhere. Thus, these are sold

 As-Is   No Refunds

Tools in Picture NOT included

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