Jungle Bowie Extreme w/ Nylon Sheath

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Jungle Bowie Extreme with Nylon Sheath

This is a wicked multipurpose blade designed for the hunter and outdoors survivalist. Its design is based of the knife made famous by the Gurkhas of WWII fame. It incorporates the advantage of a bowie 
for defense as well as the curve for skinning and the length for a machete. So whether you filleting an animal or constructing a camp this is an excellent companion. Featuring a false upper edge and a ready sharpened lower edge, it's light weight design is perfect for hiking and camping. PAP screws are perfect for this knife. With Nylon Sheath.


Overall length: 13"
Cutting edge: 8"
Thickness: 3mm
Handle area: 4.5" x 1-1/2"
(3) 5/16" pin holes

9cr14MoV stainless steel

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