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Knife Scales - Wood - Peruvian Walnut - pair

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Peruvian Walnut Knife Scales

Peruvian Walnut has a dark brown appearance and is commonly used in furniture and cabinetry. Peruvian Walnut has very few knots or sapwood like its American Name sake. It is also known as Nogal or Tropical Walnut.

Right side of bottom scale has bet wetted with water and thus shows the uniform dark color that you will get when finishing this wood.

You may have eye, skin, and/or respiratory irritation while working with Peruvian Walnut or other members of the Juglans genus.

Pictures are a representation only. These blanks continuallycome and go so every set will be slightly different

Approx Measurement: 5 7/16" long x 2" wide x 3/8" thick

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