Bandsaw Blades - Olson Flex-Back 89.5"

Bandsaw Blades - Olson Flex-Back 89.5"

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Hard Edge Flex Back Band Saw Blades

Heavy duty, durable, commercial grade band saw blades for industrial woodworking, diy and professional craftsmen. The premium band for woodworking.
Tooth Hardness: 62-63rc  Back Hardness: 28-32rc Regular, Skip, and Hook shape teeth Raker set: left, right, straight (raker) pattern
Cuts hard/soft wood, plastic, mild steel and non-ferrous metal (for machines with speed reduction).
For all vertical/ stationary 2-wheel band saws.


Straight faced tooth with deep gullets to rake out chips. This style is used for general metal cutting and fine Wood cutting..
Widely spaced teeth and deep gullets with teeth that have a ten degree undercut face which helps to dig in and take a good cut while the gullets tend to curl the chips. This type is good for harder nonferrous alloys, harder woods and many plastic operations.
Very similar to the hook tooth but characterized by a straight 90 degree tooth and a sharp angle at the junction of the tooth and gullet. This type tends to break up the chips. This style is good for soft materials that have a tendency to gum and clog the blade and it is also popular in wood cutting.
RAKER SET has one tooth set to the left, one tooth set to the right and one tooth is straight. This is used for most production cutting of thick, solid materiall sections on horizontal saws.

Selecting the right number of teeth

Generally choose a coarse tooth (less number of teeth per inch) for large sections (Re-Sawing) and soft materials. Choose a finer tooth (more teeth per inch) for small sections and harder materials.

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