Rikon 8" Slow Speed (1725rpm) Grinder 1hp #80-808

Rikon 8" Slow Speed (1725rpm) Grinder 1hp #80-808

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Rikon # 80-808 8 Inch 1 HP Low Speed Bench Grinder

The Rikon model 80-808 Slow Speed Grinder features a smooth starting, powerful 1 HP motor. The grinder has a larger size motor and will tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the finesse shaping and sharpening of hand tools and is ideal for hand tool sharpening because of the lower speed it reduces heat build-up and minimizes the possibility for bluing - ruining the hardness and temper of the tool. This grinder comes equipped with two 1" x 8" white aluminum oxide grinding wheels: one 120-grit wheel and one 60-grit wheel. The cast-iron base features anti-vibration rubber feet and is equipped with mounting holes for convenient attachment to a workbench or grinder stand.
• 60 & 120 Grit Wheels with Large Tool Rest
• Includes Flexible Work Light
• Dual Eye Shields for Safety, Right Shield 2x Magnification
• Safety ON/OFF Switch
• Dual 1-1/4" Dust Ports
Perfect for turners using the heavier Steel CBN Wheels



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