Sahara Twist Pencil Kits

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Sahara Pencils

This streamlined pen, and smooth twist mechanism will look great on any executive's desk. Takes Parker style refills. It's single tube design makes it easy to make and one can make two from one normal sized pen blank..

All of our with kit secondary colors that are Gun Metal or Black Chrome are plated and not an epoxy painted on like the BLACK kits. The epoxy painted kits often peel off over time.

This kit uses the same bushings and tubes as other kits that are sold under the Sierra, Sahara and WallStreet names.

Note that Gold & High Gloss Black Kit: The HG Black is an Anodized finish making it much more durable than the others that use black epoxy paint 

Need Barrel Trimmer Sleeve 27/64".  Fits over 7mm Barrel Trimmer Shaft.

Pencil uses a twist mechanism and .5mm lead. - Uses same Bushings, Drill Bits, & Tubes as the Pen Kit.


Required Accessories:




Finish: 24kt Gold
Tubes: 1
Drill Bit: 27/64"
Skill Level: Easy
Compatible Tube Sizes: 27/64

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