Stick Fast CA  - Thick, Thin or Medium 4.5oz

Stick Fast CA - Thick, Thin or Medium 4.5oz

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Stick Fast Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

    • Stick-Fast™ cyanoacrylate adhesives are triple distilled to 99.5% pure. This high level of purity gives them superior strength, shorter cure times, and helps increase shelf life. They are MADE IN THE USA.

      • THIN is water thin and fast setting; very suitable for wicking into cracks for repairs, and penetrating wood to seal and harden the surface.
      • MEDIUM is a thin syrup consistency and has a slightly longer set time, and can fill gaps up to 1/32”.
      • THICK has a molasses like consistency, and a longer set time (allowing time to align parts). Well suited to filling large cracks and joining uneven surfaces.
      • The Activator speeds up set-times to allow for faster curing.


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