Trend Perfect Butt Scribe U*M/PB01

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The world's fastest professional counter-top (worktop) scribe tool. It completes traditional scribing chores with precision, speed and ease.|quick and easy to use by remaining stable while scribing directly onto work-surfaces, flooring, shelves etc.|it works by running a wheeled scribe unit along an irregular feature. The sprung pencil in its center will accurately copy the profile directly onto the work-piece to be installed. It can then be cut and fitted to the surface resulting in a perfect butt!|four sizes of quick fit track wheels to cope with a variety of situations.

Additional Features

  • 1 x pencil|1 x body|1 x 1-9/64 In. (29 mm) wheel|1 x 1-31/32) (50 mm) wheel|1 x 2-3/4 In. (70 mm) wheel|1 x 3-35/64 (90 mm) wheel|
  • Non-marring surface
  • Five quick change track wheels for a variety of options
  • Countertop scribing facility
  • Ideal for Triscribe irregular profiles

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