Rockin Chef Knife Blank - Ugly Blade Knife Works Patented Chef Knife

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Rolling Knife Ugly Blank Chef knife

Bead Blasted Blank

Ugly Blade Knife Works Patented Chef Knife

You can now build your own amazing Ugly Knife.

This is one super chef knife. We loved it so much we harassed the manufacture until they would sell us just the blank. We also had the manufacture bead blast the upper portion of the blade and polish the lower section to give this knife a sophisticated and stylish look that is sure to stand out in your kitchen. This knife has 3 - 3/16 pin holes and in every other way is exactly the same as the finished Ugly Knife.

Want an impressive blade? This patented chef knife is the creation of Dwaine Owens. "I knew there had to be a better way of scraping chopped foods than to dull the knife by using the cutting edge of the blade so I invented this knife and received two patents for utility use and design." 

The pinch grip provides ultimate control when using. The spine may be used as a scraping tool just by turning the knife over.  The knife is perfect for gift giving or using in your kitchen everyday.  Start buying for Christmas early this year.

This blade was a hit at the 2015 Blade Show and was considered for Imported Knife of the Year!


12" over all length
8"cutting edge
Non-slip G10 handles
2.5mm thick tapered to the point
9CR14 stainless steel

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