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Beall 3/4"Wheels for Baldor Buffer

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 Finally - a device that allows you to run three buffs simultaneously. On one end of this 17" mandrel is machined a #2 Morse taper to fit in the head stock of your lathe; on the other a center to accept the tail stock. The shaft is 3/4" in diameter with buff spacing 4" apart. The 3-On Mandrel lets you quickly and efficiently run small items through the complete wood buffing process without the distraction of changing wheels between steps. It may be purchased separately or in a kit form with buffs, compounds and wax included.

8" Wood Buffs with 3/4" Holes
For those of you who have stationary buffing machines or grinders, we also offer the 8" Wood Buff Wheels with a 3/4" center hole. Since these wheels are minus the hardware used in our original wheels, they will also cost you less.

Important: the buffs used with this mandrel have 3/4" holes through their centers, and are the same as those used with the Baldor or other stationary buffing machines. The buffs included with the standard Wood Buff Kit will NOT work.

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