Accent Sheets - Green/White

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Accent Sheets - Green/White

Price is per sheet. Each sheet is approximately 3" x 6". The segmenting sheets are from 0.03" to 0.06" thick depending on style and batch.

This segmenting accent sheet has two layers: Red and Black. The recommended procedure is:
1) Measure to size.
2) Use sharp utility knife and straight edge to scribe and break the size you need. Scribe the full width of the sheet before you break, break the sheet on that scribe, then scribe the next dimension on the resulting smaller piece.
3) Rough the faces to be glued with approximately 220 grit sandpaper.
4) May be glued with CA (Medium) or epoxy.

Approx Measurement: Green .010 & White .020 = .030

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