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Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.
Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.

Acrylic Pen Blank - Fractured Moon

Original price $4.50
Current price $4.19
SKU 11983

Fractured Majesty

OK we were really hoping for the more solid blue of Moon Storm and Stormy River, but the translucent blue filling this blank's "fractures" doesn't look too shabby in this Acrylic Pen Blank.

We are using the term "fractured" just to describe the blank's appearance. All of these blanks are solid and do not contain any cracks or fractures.
Dimensions: 3/4" square by 5" long -- 19mm x 130mm
Transparency: Normal-High
Material: Acrylic Acetate
Colors: Gray, Silver, Blue
Style: Fractured
  • Price is per blank
  • Multiple blanks shown to illustrate variety
  • All four sides of the blank are shown

        Price is per blank. Multiple blanks shown to illustrate the variety that is possible. The blanks are nominally 3/4" square by 5" long. 

        Available in custom lengths up to one meter.


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