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Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.
Hope You All Had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.

Barracuda3 Keyed Micro Chuck System

SKU 6855

 Here is a full featured and complete key operated scroll chuck system in a small package. The keyed operation allows you to use a single hand to tighten the jaws while you other hand is free to support your work. The chuck is self centering and ideal for small cup projects, miniatures and small spindle work. This premium 4-jaw self-centering chuck system fits mini, midi and micro lathes. With a 2-1/8" body it is an ideal chuck for small projects, cups, miniatures and small spindle work. Adapts to lathes with either 3/4" x 16tpi or 1" x 8tpi. Chuck Weight only 1 lb.

<Due to its lite weight this is the ideal chuck to use with the PSI Off Center Chuck System.

Purchase includes:

Mini #2 Round Jaws (pre-mounted)
#1 Step Jaws
Pin Jaws
Allen tightening wrench
Tightening Key
Adapter for 3/4" x 16tpi (1" x 8tpi standard)
Supplied in an attractive blow molded case.


Barracuda3 Micro Lathe Key Chuck System Specifications

Specification Description
Type: Key Operated
Compatible Spindle Sizes: 3/4" x 16tpi, 1" x 8tpi
Included Jaws: Pin,#1,#3
Pin Jaw Grip: Internal: 7/8" to 1-5/8"
#1 Step jaw gripping: External: 1/16 to 13/16", Internal : 5/8 to 1-3/4"
#2 Standard Jaw gripping: External: 3/32" to 1-3/8",Yes, Internal: 11/16" to 2-3/8",Yes
#3 Large Round Jaw Gripping: Not Available
Large Flat Jaw Gripping: Not Available
Small Flat Gripping: Not Available
Category: Barracuda 4 Jaw Chucks

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