BriWax - Clear - 1 lb

BriWax - Clear - 1 lb

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       BRIWAX is a solvent based blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two natural waxes for wood finishes. Most of the waxes found on the shelves today contain the solvents turpentine or mineral spirits. Briwax uses a much hotter aromatic solvent, toluene, which allows for emulsifying hard durable waxes like carnauba to give protection to finished surfaces. The use of an aromatic solvent results in the wax setting much quicker since the solvent flashes off quickly allowing the user to buff and burnish the wax to a luster quickly.

      • There are ten shades of Briwax® to enhance the natural beauty of your finished piece.

        Clear , Light Brown, Golden Oak, Rustic Pine, Tudor Brown, Dark Brown, & Antique Mahogany , Dark Oak, Teak, Ebony

        Chart below shows coloration when applied to "unsealed" white pine. There is much more of a stain effect when applied to an unsealed finish. When applied over a sealed finish, the effect is toning of the background coloration in the direction of the pigmented wax. A sealed finish could be over a stain, polymerizing oil, i.e.: Tung Oil, paint, sanding sealer, shellac, or more often than not an old beat up antique finish, or a fine old finish which needs some luster. Thus, if Dk Br is applied over "old blue paint", you have a toned deeper, richer blue with luster. Wax is about luster, not a mirror gloss. It is about lustrous beauty, not acrylic durability.Please note that Briwax is not compatible over all surfaces, unfinished, sealed or otherwise. (True of all waxes) Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area to work out any problem that might occur. Briwax is not for exterior use.




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