Kataba Heavy Duty Carpentry

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This Japanese handsaw is used for cutting dovetails for boxes, drawers, or furniture. This fine level of control coupled with the blades pull to draw design makes it a favorite of fine woodworkers for Dovetails and Tenon Joints. It features a metal backbone to help keep the blade stiff as well as long cane wraped handle. Each Japanese dovetail handsaw comes with a removable blade.

Ideal for:

General wood cutting including veneer, sheet lumber, laminate, small logs and rods

Right angle cuts

Intricate precision work such as cutting Dovetails and Tenon Joints

Thicknesses up to 50m


Cutting Width: .40 mm

Blade Thickness: .30 mm

Blade Pitch: 1.00 mm

Draw Type: Pull

Maximum Wood Thickness: 50 mm

Blade Type: Hook Fit

Kerf: .40 mm

Made in Japan

Blade Features: Impact Hardened Teeth

Blade Cutting Edge: 9-1/4"

Weight (lbs): 0.4500

Teeth Per Inch: 21

Blade Length: 9-1/2"

Style: Dovetail


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