Cranberry Nights Water

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Cranberry Nights Water Acrylic Pen Blank

Cranberry Nights Water

Description: A flooded field of swirling red cranberries on a dark moonless night. Be careful when painting the tube or interior of the blank after drilling. The color of the paint will really impact the final appearance of this blank.
Dimensions: 3/4" square by 5" long -- 19mm x 130mm
Transparency: Extremely high
Material: Acrylic Acetate
Colors: Red, burgundy, cherry, black
Style: Highly transparent blank (clear base) with layers of swirling color.                                                                        

Price is per blank. Multiple blanks shown to illustrate the variety that is possible. The blanks are nominally 3/4" square by 5" long. 

Available in custom lengths up to one meter.

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