DMT Dia-Paste - Gray 1 Micron Honing Compound

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DMT Dia-Paste Gray 1 Micron Honing Compound

    • Go Beyond Diamond Stones
      When diamond stones are not fine enough, you can finish up with Dia-Paste by DMT. With grits as fine as 1 micron, you can hone an edge to a degree that diamond stones just can't match.

      2 grams of paste per tube.

      Make Custom Sharpeners
      Diamond paste is traditionally used to sharpen by applying it to a piece of maple or MDF. Just put a dab on and use it like you would a sharpening stone for a mirror polish. Perfect for using with a flat piece or for applying to custom shapes for carving tools or other blades that can't be sharpened on a flat stone.

      Available in 1, 3, and 6 micron grits.
      • 6 micron: DP6
      • 3 micron: DP3
      • 1 micron: DP1
      • Set of 3 Grits: DPK

      2 grams of paste per tube.

      DMT products are made in the USA

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